English at reception desk

Welcome to our hotel.  
How can I help you?  
How was your trip?  
How long will you be staying?  
What date are you looking for?  
I'm afraid we are booked that weekend.  
We don’t have any vacant rooms.  
Have you made a room reservation?  
What room would you like?  
There is air-conditioning in the room.  
I will take your luggage up to the room?  
There is a children discount.  
Your passport, please.  
Could you fill in that form.  
Could you sign here?  
Do you need anything else?  
Your room number is …  
Our hotel has a swimming pool.  
We have a safebox.  
Here is your key.  
The price includes …  
The breakfast is served between 9am and 11am.  
The dining room is open from 3 pm until 9 pm.  
Our hotel is ready for the disabled.  
You can’t bring pets.  
You can use a tennis court.  
We are terribly sorry.  
Would you like to change a room?  
We will do something about it.  
You must check out before 1pm.  
How will you pay?  
In cash or by card?  
Have a nice stay.  


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