In a restaurant and a hotel

In a hotel

Have you got any vacant rooms here?
I have a reservation
I want to book a single/double room.
Can I book a double room with bathroom for Sunday?
Do you have a double/single room?
Is there anything cheaper?
How much is it for bed and breakfast?
Can I see the room?
Do you have an air conditioning?
I would like a single room.
I will stay for ... days ?

In a restaurant

A table for ..., please.
We have a reservation.
What can you recommend?
Can I see the wine list, please?
Could you give me the menu list?
A bottle of red wine, please?
I want to order ...
I`d like ...
I didn`t order this.
I asked for ...
This is cold.
Can I have some salt?
Could I have the bill, please?
I`d like to pay.
Keep the change.
The food is not fresh.
We`re leaving.
It was excellent.
Bon appetit/Enjoy your meal.

Category: General English - Speaking

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